I’m Beth Majeroni, and I’m not just your neighbor; I’m your advocate and voice for the Georgia Conservative message. With a nickname like “Big Fire,” I’ve earned a reputation for getting results.

As a conservative mother of two and grandmother of seven, family values are at the core of everything I do. I am privileged to share my life with my husband, John, a West Point graduate and former Army officer who made a career in University Real Estate development. In these divisive times, it is my faith that inspires me to serve, seeking unity and common ground in our nation.

Driven by a passion for literacy, I pursued studies in Education at the University of Georgia and later obtained a Master’s degree in Reading Education from Old Dominion University. More recently, I expanded my expertise earning a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, specializing in Pharmacoeconomics, from the University of Florida. With 53% of the 2023 GA state budget allocated to education and healthcare, my diverse background offers a unique perspective at the policymaking table.

Trained as a state-certified mediator in Virginia, I’ve applied my skills in various roles, including recent positions on local committees. Proudly, I am a member of the Chatham County Republican Party, serving as the Precinct Chairman of 4-13C precinct. Additionally, I’m a founding member and Chair of the Education Committee of Ladies on the Right—a conservative leadership organization—and played a crucial role in establishing the Chatham County Chapters of No Left Turn in Education (2022) and Freedom in Education (2023).

My dedication to election integrity has led me to become one of the only citizens to present a case in front of the Savannah Chatham County Grand Jury in recent history—and perhaps, since 1791. It’s a testament to my unwavering commitment to ensuring our democratic processes are fair, transparent, and secure.

I’ve dedicated my life to shaping a future where our children can thrive in a Constitutional Republic and their God-given rights are protected. Whether standing up for literacy, challenging school library books, fighting COVID mandate overreach, protecting parents’ rights, or addressing election integrity concerns, I’m here to make a difference.

It is about us and our community. I invite you to join me in defending what’s right so our voices are heard, and our values are upheld. Whether through volunteering, sharing your thoughts, or spreading the word, your involvement makes a difference.